News, Pictures and Fun from the Oliver Community Garden Society

A truck load of branches and weeds went to the landfill this week – the low tree branches have been trimmed, and the “suckers” removed. Every weed you pull helps. If it is a nasty weed, put it in the barrel in the north corner. Other green material can go in the north bin. There is now a sprinkler in the south bin.

I noticed that some potatoes have been taken from two gardeners.

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds

I took a load of weeds to the landfill today – total weight 250 pounds! Efforts of a few gardeners to work on the common areas is much appreciated. We try to keep bad weeds like spear grass out of the compost bins. The half barrel in the north corner is empty for weeds, and there are some paper yard waste bags in the shed for spear grass.

If we can get on top of the weeds now, it will be easier to maintain during the summer. Weather and time permitting, I will be screening some compost out of the north bed – that will give us lots of room for fresh compost material.

Water On

The water is now on at the gardens – available at the south tap. I’ve done a preliminary test of the system – no major problems. Will finish cleaning nozzles etc in the coming days.

2019 Executive

Thanks to everyone who attended the AGM tonight.

Acclaimed to the board are:

President                         Heather Whitall

Secretary- Treasurer     Diane Tetrault


Rita Luft

Kelly Long

Sandra Smith

Sunday April 14th at noon, there will be an informal clean up and planning at the gardens. There are beds available for rent. Contact Heather at , or stop by April 14th. Membership in the society is $5.00 per year, irrigated bed rental is $25 for a large bed, and $15 for a small bed.



Wednesday March 27th, 7:00pm , Quails Nest Arts Centre – beside the gardens.

Returning gardeners and new gardeners are welcome – there will be a few available beds.

New Bin for Finished Compost

Compost bin number three was assembled yesterday. This bin is for finished, screened compost only. Boards on one side are easily removed to make it easier to remove compost.



Gardens Update

A new compost bin was added to the gardens today – please put your compost weeds in the new bin, while the first bin completes the compost cycle.

As we transition to the new Societies Act, we have some housekeeping to do with the Gardens Society bylaws. A general meeting is required to approve the streamlined bylaws – you will be receiving an e-mail soon, with some date and time options for a general meeting.

Productive Saturday

Lots of work done in the gardens today – welcome new members.


Your irrigation tech needed a little assistance today to access parts and tools to do repairs at the community garden.