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Progress on Proposed South End Expansion

The Arts Council has asked for more details before approving an expansion to the south end of the community garden. I will make a more detailed survey of the proposed area and see what sort of configurations would be possible within the space available. I would like to propose as part of the plan we include a commitment to at least two dedicated large beds for donations to the food bank. I feel this important in demonstrating our community garden’s commitment to our larger community and would also help when asking for support from businesses and institutions in Oliver; not to mention a worthwhile endeavor. As many of the existing beds are now in fairly rough shape and will need to be replaced in the next few years the expansion would help with logistics as members may need to be moved while their present beds are rebuilt. If any members have questions about, or ideas for, this proposed project please feel free to contact me or the other council board members (Lilli, Merton) Also any sources for cheaper or free supplies would be greatly appreciated….ed

Food Bank Plantings

Absent any large beds available for food bank plantings I am planning on using two of the planters/barrels at the front of the north side and what is left of the “wishing well” to plant some zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes to donate to the food bank and the Harvest Hut this summer. If you find some unused space in your garden and wish to contribute their are many hungry people in our midst and the people at both the food bank and the Harvest Hut are always happy for any contributions….ed

New Member(s)

Welcome to Kim who has joined our community garden. She chose to rent the northernmost bed on the front row and was joined by her two daughters yesterday to work on their new garden space. Hopefully, in time, they will develop the gardening bug too. This was the last of the large ground level beds so aside from the raised bed and a few of the smaller beds we are full for the summer.

Large beds all taken.

New Council

Thanks to all those who attended our recent AGM. As your new council Lilli, Merton and I have been busy trying to come to terms with all the aspects of garden business at hand. Word from Bertie at the Arts Council has it that after some problems with leaks water service should soon be returned. Everyone’s patience is appreciated. The compost from the north bin has now been screened (thanks, Sam. for bringing the screen) and so can be used for unwanted plants and weeds (please avoid spear grass and seeds and cut up larger stems and branches) and, of course, there is plenty of screened soil for everyone’s use in the bin behind the shed. Looking forward to seeing you all at the gardens this spring……ed

2021 Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be held on Sunday, March 28th at 2 pm at the Community Gardens. Please join us if you are interested in getting involved for the 2021 season as a gardener or a member of the board. We are actively seeking new volunteers.

If you would like to request copies of our agenda, 2019 AGM minutes or financial statements please email and we will be happy to provide them.

Stay safe and happy gardening!

Gardens taking shape………

Thanks to Karen, Kim, Merton, Ed, Sam and others for the ongoing clean-up and sprucing up the gardens. One more load of weeds to be hauled this week, then you can put weeds in the south compost – just take the spear grass, weeds that have gone to seed, and rhubarb leaves to the half barrel at the back.





Spring is Here

Thanks to Karen and Kim for the extra weeding, and Sam for the dump run.


Harvest Hut has a new home………

The harvest hut is open every Monday at 4:00pm – Sam has been delivering herbs and produce there several Mondays. Labour Day is the first day in the new building at the splash park.