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Waterwise Gardening

The lovely Paula Rodriguez de la Vega has worked very hard on putting together a comprehensive waterwise gardening handbook and her hard work has finally paid off!  She has asked the Oliver Community Garden to help share the fruits of her labours and make her handbook available for free download. Click here to download a copy of Waterwise Gardening for Home and Small Acreage Owners of the Oliver Area.

Paula will also be presenting our June 9th workshop on Waterwise Gardening.  Check out the handbook and if you want to learn more, email us at olivercommunitygarden (at) to register for the workshop.

Thanks Paula!

Waterwise Gardening Booklet.   Download this 55 page informational manual tailor made for the Oliver and Rural Oliver Areas.  Learn about general water conservation methods for your garden and backyard (excluding agricultural fields or vegetable gardens).  Learn about xeriscaping concepts and options to reduce water use on your property or lot.  Learn about water conservation for lawns and how to reduce the risk of soil erosion if you have slopes with silty soils.  Included is a comprehensive drought tolerant plant list, an invasive plant list, and a resource section.

Also available for download from the Town of Oliver website.