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See how the garden grows

Sign of the times

Our sign is back! Check it out…


Hello Scarecrow

Waiting for his next tour of duty...

Getting set up…

The day was cloudy and thankfully not too hot for getting all of our garden boxes unloaded and moved into position. The north end of our new site at the Oliver Community Arts Council site is now set up and ready for dirt, which has been delivered.

There are still a lot of rocks to move from the south end and we are still in need of some filler dirt or gravel the make the south end a little more level before the boxes get filled on that side. It is still a little treacherous to walk on all those large rocks and so we will be moving them and perhaps using them in the bottom of the planter boxes as fill. Our garden tools (rakes, shovels, trowels, etc) that we had at the last location are now on site in the cabin and are ready to go as soon as we can get the beds filled and water taps and hoses installed.

It’s turning into a beautiful area and we hope that you are able to come down and check it out as the spring progresses. If you’d like to help out in any way, please let us know by email or phone Heather at 250-485-2575.


Ready to go

Moving day should happen any day now. Everything is packed and ready to go to storage until our new site can be found.

A big thanks to the team from Oliver Search and Rescue who piled up all the planter boxes and readied other items for the move. Everything is now ready to go and we couldn’t have done it without their help.

Another big thanks to Victor Vieira at Nulton Irrigation Ltd. who donated a coupler and some piping to make a small pipe repair an easy fix.

We will be working hard over the coming year to keep you informed of all the news about the Oliver Community Garden on this website. Please check back regularly for any updates about our new location, rental information and special events. You can also follow us on Twitter easily from your computer or mobile device to stay informed.

Hope you all had a great growing season!


It’s just the beginning

…of summer that is. I took a few photos tonight of our lovely community garden on one of the longest days of the year – the beginning of our summer season. Spring may have been amazing if you are a plant, but for most people it was one of the soggiest springs in recent memory. It made it a little more difficult to get out there and enjoy gardening but somehow we do and here are a few photos of the results.

Click on the photos to see larger versions of it. Use your browser’s “Back” button to return to the gallery.

Don’t Forget!

In order to garden at the Oliver Community Garden you must complete a Garden Guidelines Expectations and Application Form 2010 and pay either your $5 society membership fee or the $30 box rental. Only after we receive this will you be given the combination to the gate and access to the garden. Your contributions to the society are what make our garden possible!

Our Spring Kick-Off Work Bee will be held on Saturday April 10th from 9 am – noon. We are accepting donations of irises at this time, as well as collecting registration forms and fees. All volunteers are welcome! Hope to see you there!

For more information please contact Heather at or 250 -485-2575.

Here are some pictures from last year’s initial bed-raising events:

Preparing a bed

Smoothing out the sand

Thomas explains how to build a great garden bed

Working hard and loving it!