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2011 Growing Season

Exciting new things are in the works for the 2011 growing season!  Plans are well under way to set up the gardens on the Quail’s Nest property in partnership with the Oliver Community Arts Council – just working out the final details and then we’re really going to get things started!

If you have any interested in getting involved in the planning stages of our set up or have any suggestions on what you would like to see included in the garden please call or email me.  We will also be looking for donations of start up materials such as dirt and compost so if you can help us out in that way it will be greatly appreciated!

A workbee will be held in the spring to set up the gardens – watch your email, our website and other local news sources for more details.  The Oliver Daily News website has been doing a great job of helping increase awareness of the Oliver Community Garden – check out the latest article here.

Don’t forget to reserve your garden box for the 2011 growing season by calling or emailing me.  We’re setting up fewer boxes this year so space is limited!

Looking forward to growing and gardening with you!

New Look

Enjoy the new look of the Oliver Community Garden Society website. Please let me know what you think or if you have any problems with it.

Oliver Community Gardens in 2011

Now that the New Year is upon us, we can start thinking about gardening again. Our executive is currently in the process of looking for a new location for our community gardens and are optimistic that we will be able to be setup in time for planting in the spring. Check back here as often as you can because we will have all the information as it becomes available so that you can make your gardening plans for the summer.

OCGS executive members Marji Basso and Heather Whittall met recently with the Oliver Community Arts Council and the story was published on the Oliver Daily News website.

Things are starting to shape up for the 2011 growing season. Any new information and announcements will be posted here. You can also follow us on Twitter from your computer or smartphone for the most up to date information as it happens.

Oliver Community Gardens Volunteers are Amazing!

Bob Golosky of NewStart Landscaping & Contracting Ltd. generously donated his time and bobcat services to helps with the final stages of clean up of the Murray Property on Hwy 97th.

The Town of Oliver Public Works Crew was through on Wednesday and moved everything into storage for the winter. We are so grateful for the Town’s continued support as well as the many many volunteers who have gone above and beyond to support the Oliver Community Garden. We couldn’t do it without you!

The search continues for a new location – if you are interested in helping put together a proposal for our new home or have any suggestions to help us on our search please contact Heather at or at 250-485-2575.

Annual General Meeting and President’s Report

Our Annual General Meeting was successfully held on Thursday September 30th, 2010.

To request copies of the minutes, President’s Report or Financial Reports, please email me at

Our new executive for the Oliver Community Garden Society are:

    Luke Whittall – Chair
    Heather Whittall – Secretary/Treasurer
    Marji Basso – Director at Large
    Juleen McElguin – Director at Large

We are still seeking a new home for the Oliver Community Garden for the 2011 growing year. If you can help, please email me!

AGM – September 30th, 2010



Date: SEPTEMBER 30 (Thursday)

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00pm

Location: Basement of Oliver United Church

Agenda Items:

Highlights of 2010 season

Possible new Location of Gardens

Elections/Acclamation of Executive 

Focus Group Sharing of Ideas

Plans for 2011

Who’s coming to the meeting?

You, we hope, if you are a renter of a plot or have joined the OCGS in a supporting role.  This is our society’s once a year official meeting.  It’s our best opportunity to assess experiences, share the tasks and make reasonable plans.  

Your friends and acquaintances, if they’ve tasted some of your delicious home-grown vegetables or admired your “deer-free” flowers, and are interested in the concept of community gardening.

Anyone and Everyone in Oliver who shares the values of the Community Garden, and is wishing to support us, or simply curious.  Over the past three years, the OCGS  has created a community setting to enhance life-long learning, healthy attitudes and co-operation as we grow and share quality food. 

Newcomers to our area: you are also most welcome to attend the AGM, and find out if this is something you’d enjoy participating in.  

Volunteer community involvement is at the heart of our endeavor. Looking forward to a good turn-out Sept.30!

Contact numbers: 250-498-8889 or 250-485-2575 

Visit the Oliver Community Garden Society online
Follow us on Twitter for all the latest information!

Possible Sale of the Oliver Community Garden Property

Just received word that the property that the Community Garden sits on is being put up for sale. We have received assurances from Neil Murray, the owner, that we can finish out the current growing season without any problems, so there is no need for concern. We just wanted you to be aware that a For Sale sign likely will be appearing on the fence in the near future.

If anyone knows of any possible alternate locations for the community garden, please let us know. We will wait and see what happens with our current location but it’s never too early to start planning for the future. We have always known that our location was only on loan so this is not a surprise.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me or call 250-485-2575.


Thanks again to Cam Baughen from the RDOS for a great composting workshop at our Spring WorkBee on April 10th!

Missed it but still want to learn more about composting?  Check out this press release from the RDOS about upcoming workshops on composting, worm composting and their May 1st Compost Bin Sale!  One_Day_Compost_Bin_Sale_April_10

At the workshop Cam showed us how to build a simple compost bin out of recycled materials – in this case wood pallets.  Here are some simple instructions for building your own. This is a fairly low maintenance method of composting that can yield results anywhere from 6 – 12 months. Black plastic compost bins are available for purchase at the Oliver Sanitary Landfill.

Another composting method which can yield results in as little as 6 weeks is to use a compost tumbler.  Here are some great instructions for building your own.

Want to learn more?  There are lots of great links out there to help you get started or improve your composting expertise.  Here’s one:  Check out RRFB Nova Scotia’s Composting Page for lots of great info.

The water is on!

The water has now been turned on at the community garden! We have brand new 80′ hoses, and will soon have half wine barrels to store them in.

If you haven’t started to prep and plant your beds already, you can now. Please be reminded that we must have received your completed Garden Guidelines expectations and Application Form 2010 and Rental Fee before you will be given the combination and access to the garden. Questions? Call Heather – 485 -2575 or email

Thanks! and Happy Gardening!

It’s almost time . . .

The weatherman is predicting 10 degrees and sunny for our Spring Work Bee on Saturday April 10th! Come on out and help us get the gardens ready to start planting!