News, Pictures and Fun from the Oliver Community Garden Society

Harvest Time!

Despite all the thunderstorms (!) there has been plenty of that famous Okanagan sunshine to ripen the tomatoes and help our gardens grow. In my own garden I’ve been picking crisp green beans, sweet cherry tomatoes and savouring the last few sweet strawberries.

Every second Tuesday is harvest time at the Oliver Community Garden too. Produce grown in the school beds is gathered and delivered to our local food bank. The beds are full of lush greenery so it’s almost a challenge to search through the beds to find the tomatoes, beans, carrots, beets and other vegetables lurking there. The last round of donations included rhubarb, tomatoes and baby carrots. This time I’m planning on adding some bunches of fresh herbs to the box.

If you can spare half an hour please come out and join us tomorrow night (Tuesday August 27th) at 6:30 pm.

p.s. If you’re a backyard gardener with an over abundance of zucchini, fresh produce is always gratefully received by the food bank! It’s open every second Wednesday at 9 am and is located on Station Street.

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