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2011 Growing Season

Exciting new things are in the works for the 2011 growing season!  Plans are well under way to set up the gardens on the Quail’s Nest property in partnership with the Oliver Community Arts Council – just working out the final details and then we’re really going to get things started!

If you have any interested in getting involved in the planning stages of our set up or have any suggestions on what you would like to see included in the garden please call or email me.  We will also be looking for donations of start up materials such as dirt and compost so if you can help us out in that way it will be greatly appreciated!

A workbee will be held in the spring to set up the gardens – watch your email, our website and other local news sources for more details.  The Oliver Daily News website has been doing a great job of helping increase awareness of the Oliver Community Garden – check out the latest article here.

Don’t forget to reserve your garden box for the 2011 growing season by calling or emailing me.  We’re setting up fewer boxes this year so space is limited!

Looking forward to growing and gardening with you!

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