News, Pictures and Fun from the Oliver Community Garden Society

If you are still harvesting in your garden bed, there will be water at the tap and hose until one day next week when the lines will be blown out.

Please take a little time as you clean up your garden to do a little raking, pick up, clean up in the common areas. Any invasive weeds should go in the brown bag in the shed.

Please cut your plant material into short pieces as you deposit into the compost bin. The smaller the pieces, the easier the compost process is. Two to four inches is appreciated.

The water timer will be turned off soon, and the system shutdown will be in early October.

For those of you who grew sunflowers, they are too coarse for the compost. Please pull them out and shake the root ball, and pile them near a compost bin, as they will have to be hauled to the landfill.

The tomato cages are not in great shape. Please straighten and nest the good ones, and set the broken ones aside for metal recycle.



Whoever left their near 6 foot sunflower plant in the south compost bin whole, please either cut it up into 6 inch pieces or less (I have left it in the common area of the north end of the garden) or you may take it to the local dump where organic waste is free of dumping fee’s, I believe. Please also remember that all plant materials need to be cut up before going in the compost bin (and no; just cramming them into the food compost container is not acceptable either) Please, both Sam and I do scads of work around around the common areas of the garden and personally I’m getting tired of cleaning up after other members who are too lazy to even look after their own mess. If we are going to continue having a “community” garden then we all need to start helping out…Ed

Water Schedule

I was in town today and increased both the length of time the water is on, and added an evening cycle around 7:30pm. There were several plugged nozzles. If you have a dry spot in your garden in front of a sprinkler, hold the black upright in one hand and unscrew the sprinkler head (most are green). There is a dental tool in the shed – in a parts case – you can use that to clear the nozzle before screwing the head back on.

Food Bank

Over the past few weeks I have been able to bring food to the food bank; lettuce, bok choy, cilantro, radishes and sweet peas. The food bank is closed next week but there are some sweet peas ready to pick in the small food bank bed (next to the herb bed) they will be old and tough before the next food bank opening so please help yourselves to a few.

June 15th Update

Pathways trimmed today – there are some trimmings to be raked, and a few pieces of landscape fabric to be picked up. For the group “job jar”, any weeds that are pulled will help in the long term. If someone could bring a box cutter or pair or scissors, the exposed landscape fabric at the base of the new beds could be trimmed so I make less of a mess next time with the weed eater. Janice will trim the chives in the herb bed.

I left some extra red onions in the shed for planting – help yourself.


Too all members: If you are by the garden over the next week or so it would be greatly appreciated if you could take a few minutes to pull some weeds. Part of our agreement with the arts council is that we keep weeds in check. Sam will be making a dump run and there are a few large paper bags to be filled in the shed. Thanks.

The contents of the south compost bin has now been screened so feel free to put plant waste (please be sure to cut stems and to not to deposit plastic tags etc.) in either of the bins. There may be ongoing problems with blockages of the sprinkler systems as a lot of the pipes had to be recut to fit over the new 4×4 beds and the dust from cutting may be causing this problem. You can let me know if you have any irrigation problems via email or text message… Ed

The spear grass is still green, and easy to pull. Please stop by and pull weeds for a bit – brown bags in the shed for the spear grass and rhubarb leaves.

Help yourselves to Rhubarb in my bed – square one, south – marked Sam. I will be moving the plant soon.

Water is now set for 6:00am every day until the water penetrates the beds more, then will adjust according to the weather.