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Please feel free to take some cilantro (planted by Hong) from the raised bed (next to the entrance) otherwise it will soon go to seed…ed

Plant Pots and Weeds

Riverside still has lots of plants – tomatoes, herbs, peppers etc. I asked about pot returns. They accept them. Rinse them, and when you drive in to Riverside there is a bin at the right of the garden center to put them in.

Fresh cut of the walkways today, and thanks to the person (Ed?) who pulled the large weeds along the fence.

I’ll make a landfill compost trip next time I’m in town with an empty truck.

Kitchen Compost

For members of the gardens, we have a kitchen compost program – (no meat/bones) just fruit, veggie and egg shells, coffee grounds and tea bags. This goes in a separate black container, not the garden compost. For those who are not members, there is a new program starting at the Harvest Hut.

Weeds and Ice Cream

Weeding is more enjoyable when there are others around. After this photo was taken, three of us enjoyed ice cream from my travel trailer freezer!

System up and running – will check again in the morning.


We welcome Karla and Lisa to the Oliver Community Garden this week. Lisa is originally from the Kootenays and Karla from Saskatchewan.

Please recycle and remove your own garbage. Plastic bags from organic soil enhancement can be washed, and put in the “other flexible packaging” bin at T2 market. Many plant pots can be washed and curbside recycle – cardboard recyclable too. Weeds were hauled to the landfill today from the brown bag and the half barrel at the north end. Please do not put plant tags or other items in with the weeds – they have to be sorted out. As posted on the shed – no rhubarb leaves in the compost, avoid spear grass and other seedy weeds.

The Arts Council has asked for more details before approving an expansion to the south end of the community garden. I will make a more detailed survey of the proposed area and see what sort of configurations would be possible within the space available. I would like to propose as part of the plan we include a commitment to at least two dedicated large beds for donations to the food bank. I feel this important in demonstrating our community garden’s commitment to our larger community and would also help when asking for support from businesses and institutions in Oliver; not to mention a worthwhile endeavor. As many of the existing beds are now in fairly rough shape and will need to be replaced in the next few years the expansion would help with logistics as members may need to be moved while their present beds are rebuilt. If any members have questions about, or ideas for, this proposed project please feel free to contact me or the other council board members (Lilli, Merton) Also any sources for cheaper or free supplies would be greatly appreciated….ed

Absent any large beds available for food bank plantings I am planning on using two of the planters/barrels at the front of the north side and what is left of the “wishing well” to plant some zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes to donate to the food bank and the Harvest Hut this summer. If you find some unused space in your garden and wish to contribute their are many hungry people in our midst and the people at both the food bank and the Harvest Hut are always happy for any contributions….ed