News, Pictures and Fun from the Oliver Community Garden Society

We need new members, and there are postcards out now to help in the search.





Our late blooming plant by the sign is finally showing colour.


Fall Clean-up

The weather is changing, and the anticipated shut off of the water in the Gardens is October 6th, but possibly before that date.

August Update

A recent clean-up has the gardens looking pretty good as the summer winds down. Most of the beds will need boards replaced for next season. If you have a little time between now and the fall clean-up, there is a bed at the south end that was spoken for, but never planted. A little time weeding now will make the fall clean-up go faster.

We need a concerted effort to find new gardeners for next season. Talk to your friends and neighbours.




When to plant?

I grew up in the South Okanagan knowing that May 24th was the safe planting date for things like tomatoes. A friend reminded me today of another piece of local wisdom……….don’t plant if there is still snow on Mt. Kobau.